“Wiggle your big toe.”

Posted on December 8, 2009


The plaster came off this evening. And with it, I released a lot of weight from my shoulders over the last 3 and a half weeks. All that weight is now directed straight at my right ankle, as I’m still getting the hang of putting my body weight onto it.

Few people in life experience the bittersweet joy of learning to walk twice. When I tore my left ankle ligament  a year and a half ago, I didn’t think I’d enjoy the ordeal that much. Turns out, when the plaster came off, was the best time of the injury. Oddly enough, I really liked the pins and needles that went through the different parts of my foot. I was reconnecting with nerve endings that hadn’t been used in a while, quite like getting back in touch with old friends over a drink in a bar. I could literally feel the blood pumping into that whole area, like pistons. I don’t know whether this feeling is connected to why for some odd reason, I’ve been quite attached to the Coca-Cola Open Happiness ad in the library.

I’m not happy about my fall, in case you were wondering! If you were to ask me whether this shit could happen to me twice in almost the identical way, I’d probably have laughed. Of course when it did, others laughed. Incessantly. You know who you are. But the first time, a lot of people were ultra serious about it as well. The kind that decided to treat me like a paraplegic. Some idiots even went to the lengths of speaking slowly to me, because they were under the impression my ankle injury had somehow addled my brains. I’m glad to say I didn’t run into any of their kind this time around. On the whole, everyone was pretty decent about it, giving me my much needed space. And I don’t mean just the physical space to maneuver around.

I think I’m really going to be enjoying the next couple of weeks. I might not have a club hopping New Years Eve party this year, but since I’ve never had one, I’m not too concerned about it. Some close friends, decent music, alcohol and snacks, and I’d be a happy camper. Before this happened, Iwas thinking of taking part in the Marathon this January as well. That’s a pipe dream now of course, but I will be definitely trying to go to Ladakh this May. But that’s some time away. I need to take some baby steps first.

For instance, getting to the loo to take a much needed shit gets infuriating when your ass is in fifth gear and your feet are grounded in first. Excuse me.

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