New Year Post

Posted on January 4, 2010


Its a new year again. And a new commitment on my part to try and keep this blog more active.

The Grammar Police would like to remind you all that 2010 will from this point on be spoken as ‘twenty ten’. I just thought I’d get that out of the way for the millions…and millions of idiots out there losing sleep over how they should say it.

Speaking of idiots, I suppose its my turn to put in my two bits about this whole Chetan Bhagat versus Vinod Chopra controversy that’s taken place this week so here it is.

  • Chetan, if you want to sleep with a cantankerous whore like Bollywood, don’t expect her to say your name during intercourse.
  • Mr. Chopra, if you decide to go down on somebody, even and especially if its just to please them,  please don’t scream another person’s name out.

Moving On.

My first real week in the new year begins tomorrow. And this month is a test of sorts for me as well. By the end of January I’m going to be taking a lot of steps into territory I’m not familiar with professionally. I don’t know whether what I’ve decided to do is right or wrong, but it feels like the right thing to do. I’ve always trusted my gut instinct when it tells me something and I feel confident that ‘twenty ten’ might just be a wonderful year. A lot of that is riddled, yes, and I might explain it all out properly in a future post but right now its not the best time for it.

I’m glad to be getting back in touch with some people that I’ve lost touch with recently. And at the same time over the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve met some interesting new people as well. My new year was awesome, spent in the company of alcohol, girlfriend, and really close companions with a view of the fireworks. I can’t really find any reason to complain about the way things have begun. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will proceed positively from here on as well.

I’ve lost my mojo of sorts with creative work lately. Not that I’m not being involved with anything major, there’s certainly tons to do at work. I’m slowly losing the motivation to think laterally, and getting bogged down in just a single direction. This is one of the worst things that can happen to anybody working in a creative agency, and I’m hoping its just a temporary block. I think it is though. Its not that Im not thinking of ideas, I’ve been feeling lazy to express them. Another dangerous pattern that shouldn’t be developing.

I think I require a break. Not the one day off work that I sometimes take. I need a break from this city, maybe for  a week to go exploring for myself. There’s so much travel I thought I’d do last year that I couldn’t get around to at all. I want to certainly try some of it in ‘twenty ten.’

Huh…I guess this post wasn’t really about anything more than an update. Maybe when I have a point to make, I’ll make one.

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