Prequel to 24

Posted on January 26, 2010


Nothing to do with the show really. It’s me that’s turning 24 tomorrow. And like Jack Bauer, this is the longest day of my life. I can’t believe I’m still sitting here, one week from resignation when practically all the work I need to get done is already over.

As everyone else, there were a lot of things that I wanted to achieve by the time I was 24. One thing I truly regret, is not making my first short film. One could argue, that since I’ve plunged into advertising for the last year, it was not at the top of my priorities. I think that’s more of an excuse that I keep making to myself though. If I really wanted to, I could have found a way to make the time for it.With a possible post graduation course in the UK at the end of this year, making a film before that seems even more unlikely. Ah well, c’est la vie. On a better note, I’m actually a little excited for Wednesday. I’m  not just celebrating my birthday, but I’ll probably also be toasting to a new beginning.

Moving on to some interesting stuff in the news.

  • Mercedes Benz was dealt a blow a couple of weeks back, if what I read in the newspaper was true. Apparently, BMW has come up from behind and overtaken it in terms of market share percentages in India for the luxury car segment. If you’ve really tracked the progress of BMW in the last 5 years or so in India, this should not come as a surprise.
  • McCann Erickson (hope that’s spelt right) Italy, has put forward one of the most jaedropping ads ever to combat child abuse. What strikes me about this communication is its simplicity. And that it follows the fundamental principle of advertising. 1) Make sure you remember the ad. and 2) make sure you remember the product. After viewing this, I felt that I would probably never forget either.
  • A bunch of Indian celebrities have come together to remake Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, an Indian patriotic jingle that became a rage back in the late 80s on Doordarshan. I don’t really know where this newfound patriotism has sprung from. This campaign comes on the back of Aman ki Asha a project greenlit to promote peace between India and Pakistan. The latter has not gone well since not a single Pakistani cricketer was picked by any of the IPL franchises for this year’s league season.
  • Some idiot decided to trend #RIP Johnny Depp on Twitter. Much fun ensued.

I really don’t feel different today though. Certainly no well of emotion or excitement considering tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going to celebrate it like I normally do. Alcohol.

I’m not an alcoholic. Of course if you were to meet me, all signs would point to the opposite. The stubble, rum breath, eyes glazed over. But most of that is either due to insomnia or laziness. I believe alcohol is a great leveller though. Allow me to explain with the help of this analogy.

Imagine your life as a bridge over a large water body. There’s traffic in the lanes on either side of you. The purpose in life, as it were, is to get to the other side and once you’re off the bridge, find the right direction to turn. You’re in your vehicle humming along. For the sake of this metaphor imagine the vehicle as your body, and a bottle of rum as the fresh new GPS that’s just been installed.

When you’re halfway over the bridge, you switch the GPS on. Immediately it states in a robotic yet polite voice ‘to take a left turn’. You’re probably shocked, wondering why you purchased a mini version of Hal 9000.

That’s when you realise that its preempting your next move. That’s what alcohol does to you. It pushes you to think, what would it be like to take a left turn over the middle of a bridge, when in fact its probably the right turn (choice-wise, not direction)  once the bridge ends. Think of an alcoholic high as those 5 seconds of amazed wonder before you figure out that the advise is bullshit.

Wouldn’t you love to go back and revisit those 5 seconds? That doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with near-death, surely not. It means that you’re strong willed enough to question, why not.

Something to ponder about. Peace.

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