Kya Ad hai, zindagi mein…

Posted on January 27, 2010


Time is a real pain these days. It’s like I’ve got way too much thinking to do, and its driving me insane. The dates on the photolibrary calendar on my desk are slowly getting crossed out, and I feel like an idiot for wasting time. I need to do a lot of stuff by the time February comes by.

I’m working on a digital idea for chocolate that’s lending to some fascinating research about the way the stuff is made. Right from the beans of the cacao tree, to the drying and fermenting process, right up to winnowing and overall distribution to consumers. I wouldn’t mind actually visiting a Chocolate Factory to see the thing in action. Not the Willy Wonka kind of Chocolate Factory with Oompa Loompas but an actual one.

This research obviously led me to a variety of chocolate websites like Hershey’s, Cadbury’s, and many more. I spent more time on the Cadbury’s website, because it reminded me of some of the best branding that I was lucky enough to grow up on. I’m sure I wasn’t even ten years old when the “Kya Swaad Hai” jingle came on television. I didn’t know shit about advertising, but I remember the first time I was hooked on this particular ad of the campaign. The language and the sentiment might be lost to those of you who don’t understand Hindi, but the central message is clear. Dairy Milk chocolates – the taste of life, pure unadulterated joy, and the freedom to be who you are and do what you want.

I’m not the biggest Diary Milk fan out there. Never have been, but I’ve loved this ad always.

I sometimes like to go onto You Tube, for a cathartic trip down memory lane. It gives me a strange kind of comfort knowing that one particular kind of advertising era has ended and a new one has begun. I think making a study on Indian brands built from the period of the early 80s to present, would be an interesting project. There’s a book I’d buy. I’d be fascinated with the kinds of challenges some of the oldest agencies in Bombay have faced to get their brands recognized. For instance, I’ll bet it was tough to get this down from the story board stage, to actual production, shooting and execution. The idea is simple enough of course. But at the back of  every simple idea from a simple copywriter/designer skulks a crazed marketing/servicing head (pissant)  with the irritating query, “Are we saying enough about our product?”

In this particular case, enough said I felt.

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