Viola! I is back! And my English is went.

Posted on February 19, 2010


The more time that I seem to spend on Twitter, the more this blog seems to lose its sheen, which is a bit sad, really. So here’s my attempt at rekindling this blog. Again. And here’s a new look for it as well.

I have to put my hands up and say that I’ve misjudged Twitter. What seemed like an intrusive, rude and selfish reason for a site, has turned into an unhealthy obsession. I began simple enough. With the thought that 140 characters are a nice boundary to attempt and practice headlines. And for a while it worked, till I met people on the site and started communicating with them.

I’m also reading a lot more. Not necessarily the most thought provoking books in the world, but also the coffee table page turners. Authors like Mario Puzo and Andy McNab have been interesting me of late. Although I have to say that I’m a bit puzzled with the misogynistic outlook present in almost every book Puzo publishes. I wonder if Sicilian women today are really like that. Andy McNab is a complete contrast from Puzo, with conspiracy theories, the SAS and unlikely heroes thrown in.

In the non fiction category, I’m reading a delightful book on Advertising, that has long been heralded as a sort of bible for copywriters. Hey Whipple Squeeze This is much more than a bible though, and Luke Sullivan has gone out of his way to masterfully dissect the role of a lot of important people within agencies. With a background into the psyche of the ad industry that does not last too long, Sullivan manages to captivate you into reading his words, and has you hanging on for more, quite like his ads, some of which are present within this book. I’m about halfway through and thoroughly enjoying it.

Its been an interesting fortnight in the movie realm as well. I’ve finally gotten hold of Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day, which had me happy like a leprechaun the first time I watched it. Over a second closer introspection though, one can find quite a few plot holes within the script. I think it’s safe criticism that Troy Duffy has taken all the style from the first movie, revamped it and plastered it onto this movie. But where the style made sense in Boondock Saints, here it’s the only thing holding an otherwise weak script. The movie leaves room for a sequel, which one would hope will be completed in a smaller break than this one was (ten years), otherwise Sean Flannery might require enough Botox injections that could make him resemble a Tussuad’s work.

The applications are going neat and relatively on schedule as well, and I must give credit to an angel who is helping me with the finer points of Adobe Photoshop, to truly bring my ideas to life. As the end of this month approaches (my own personal deadline) I can’t help feel more than a little nervous about this UK thing. I really hope everything works out for the best.

I guess this ramble ends here.  Sleep is an elusive fawn, but tonight she’s making eyes at me,  for once.

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