Posted on June 30, 2010


I’ve always loved watching cartoons and reading the occasional comic book. Somehow the big eyes, expressive emotions and colourful worlds of both of them appeal to me a lot more than anything live action. I love animation movies, and will religiously watch anything made by Pixar or Dreamworks that’s animated. At some point I even wanted to do something like this, but I lacked a very key part. Talent.

That was when I was around 15-16 years old. Today I’m 24 and I daresay have even less talent. But I realise something today. That to make it big these days doesn’t take talent as much as confidence and a good degree of spin. Just look at any big company as an example of that. Steve Jobs just confidently told the world last week ‘not to hold it that way’ to avoid antenna disruption on the new Iphone. Besides supplying the rest of the perverted world with a week’s supply of ‘That’s What She Said’ jokes, you have to admit it takes balls the size where wheelbarrows are required, to say something like that about your recently released prize product.

Why am I telling you this? Because for some reason, this past week I was instilled with the same amount of confidence I think. I thought back and realized that it doesn’t make sense not to take the plunge and create my own comic strip, critics be damned. After all, what is a blog if not an outlet of expression, of all kinds? I don’t expect everyone in the world to like it, but not everyone in the world will like what I say anyway.So I might as well say it.

Here then is the first strip of what I am determined, will be a weekly comic strip on my blog. The name is Head. And if you enjoy it, I’d appreciate any kind of traffic you can pull onto this website. You can read it here, or I would suggest you click on the image to get a larger size.¬† :)

Thank you.

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